Even after 75 years of independence, our people are still dependent on foreign countries for job. Before independence our country was rich in architecture and agriculture and that was because of the Gurukul education system. Today the education system has changed completely; there are thousands of MBA and other colleges from where around 3 crores of students are completing their degree. But no college can guarantee good job to these students and most of them are studying by taking loan from bank. The big question in front of every parent is, even after completing the degree will there child be able to earn enough to pay the loan? The only solution for all such problems is business. Today’s young generation should have a business mindset. Instead of seeking jobs they should think about giving jobs to others.

What we do?

Sensing today’ need, we have come up with productive training programs where we teach students how to do business of their own. We let them know the fields which will be suitable for them. We train students how to communicate with clients, which technology is currently trending, how to keep patience in business, how to take loan from bank, how to increase sales, how to advertise your business, how to build brand etc. It’s not only about business. We also train students on how to do job. In which technology they should focus. How to get promotion in their job, how corporate life works, how to be ready for taking responsibility in job, how to struggle to get job and much more.

Our Goal

We dream for young generation career and how to shape their future.

Our Values

To train people to work with honesty, responsibility, and how to remain at the top in their career.

Our Aim

We strive to open 1000 business and 1000 employers. We want to open Gurukul in every district of country to transform the life of around 10 crore people.